Benefits of kaknasha(Blood flower)

Kaknasha is evergreen perennial subshrub commonly known as tropical milkweed. It is also known by the name blood flower. It is beneficial in treating diseases of the circulatory system.

Benefits of Blood Flower: Root-used as an astringent in piles. Leaves-antidysenteric, also used against haemorrhages. Flowers-styptic. Alcoholic extract of the plant-cardiotonic. Useful in treating warts, fights cancer, heart and blood vessel diseases.

Habitat: Found in many parts of India and used as an ornamental.

Action: Cardiotonic, spasmogenic, cytotoxic, purgative, antihaemorrhagic, styptic, antibacterial.

Scientific name: Asclepias Curassavica

Useful part: Leaves, root, flowers.

Energetics: Astringent.

Tissues: Plasma, blood, muscle, reproductive.

Systems: Circulatory, respiratory, excretory, reproductive.

Classical and common names

Ayurvedic: Kaakanaasikaa, kaknasha.

English: Blood flower, Curassavian Swallow-wort, West Indian Ipecacuanha.

Preparation: Juice, powder

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