Benefits of Guduchi

Guduchi is a virile creeper that grows throughout the forests of India. Guduchi is described as ‘the one who protects the body’. It is known for detoxifying and cleansing the whole system, specifically via the liver.

Benefits of Guduchi: Fever, jaundice, indigestion, constipation, dysentery, piles, skin disease, malaria, TB, fights cancer, arthritis, improves immunity.

Action: Alterative, antiperiodic, bitter tonic, diuretic, febrifuge.

Scientific name: Tinospora cordifolia

Useful part: Root, stem.

Dosage: 1–15g per day in a decoction or 3–15ml per day


Rasa (taste): Bitter, astringent, pungent

Vırya(energy): Heating

Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Sweet

Guna (quality): Light, unctuous VP−

Dosaa effect: VPK=, primarily

Dhatu (tissue): Plasma, blood, muscle, fat, nerve, reproductive

Srotas (channel): Circulatory, digestive

Classical and common names

Ayurvedic: Guduuchi, Guduuchikaa, Guluuchi, Amrita, Amritaa, Amritalataa, Amritavalli, Chinnaruuhaa, Chinnodbhavaa, Madhuparni, Vatsaadani, Tantrikaa, Kundalini. Guduuchi sattva

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