Benefits of Ashoka

Ashoka is a medium-sized evergreen tree growing all over India and Sri Lanka. It literally means ‘remover of sorrow’, abiding to its ability to cure pain and discomfort.

Benefits of Ashoka: Fibroids, fights cancer, colic, piles, kidney stones, skin diseases, hyperdipsia, dysentery, inflammation, scabies, fever, colic, ulcers.

Action: Astringent, sedative.

Scientific name: Saraca indica.

Useful part: Bark

Dosgae: 1–9g per day or 3–15ml per day.


Rasa (taste): Bitter, astringent

Vırya(energy): Cold

Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Pungent

Guna (quality): Light, dry

Dosa effect: KP-

Dhatu(tissue): Blood, muscle, fat, reproductive

Srotas (channel): Female reproductive, circulatory

Description: Ashoka is a medium-sized evergreen tree growing upto 9m height with numerous spreading and drooping glabrous branches. The bark is dark brown to grey or black. Leaves are pinnate, 30-60cm long having 2-3 pairs of lanceolate leaflets. Flowers are orange or orange yellow,and very fragrant. Fruits are flat black pods, Seeds are ellipsoid oblong and compressed.

Classical and common names

Ayurvedic: Asoka, Gatasokah.

Hindi: Asok, Asoka;

Bengali: Ashok;

Malayalam: Asokam;

Tamil: Asogam;

Kannada:Asokada, Aksunkara;

Telugu: Asokamu, Vanjalam

Botanical classification

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Order: Fabales

Family: Fabaceae

Genus: Saraca

Species: Saraca asoca

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